Creative built-ins

Designers Ben Edwards and Juliet Moore of Edwards Moore have a wonderful point of view when it comes to architecture and design.  The space overlooks a public pool and uses very minimal materials to create a refreshing and modern space.  One of the funnest elements?  The bookcase has a dog kennel enclosed! Seriously, brilliant.  The main feature of this home?  The use of OSB (oriented strand board, ((made from waterproof heat cured adhesives that are cut into rectangular shapes and are placed across each other, giving it a look similar to plywood)).  Its a look that is not super easy to pull off, but I love the way Ben and Juliet used it.  Keeping wall colors to a minimum will make large and detailed focal points pop even more.

via yellowtrace all photos via edwards moore

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If you move in and need a roommate, call me! Hehe!