Our Thanksgiving menu

Around the holidays it seems there is always one common question I get, "so what exactly do you eat?" Everyone seems to think that as a vegetarian or vegan we only eat grass and pasta. And I'll admit, I do enjoy a big bowl of noodles or a shot of wheat grass every now and then, but living a vegan life has been super easy to adjust to. And is very healthy too, I just got back from my doctor's visit to check up on the growing little one and she is doing just fab! So for those of you getting ready to start your cooking engines, might I suggest a few options that are not only meat free but are full of flavor you won't even miss the more traditional meats.

The husband and I are driving out to our family to gorge ourselves silly and today is my big food making day. On our menu we are feasting on Happy Herbivore's hippie loaf with gravy for our main portion, its super tasty and full of good for you nutrition. I will also be preparing a raw kale salad and vegan stuffing which is quite possibly the most favorite side for me. My Mom is also preparing some baked yams and a medley of root veggies for us to nibble on too. And of course no Thanksgiving meal would be complete without a bit of dessert so this year I am preparing to make the pumpkin pie I mentioned yesterday as well as a sweet potato pie for the husband. I've never had it before but sure am looking forward to giving it a try. And if you are prepping your own pies from scratch might I suggest my go to pie crust from Martha Stewart. Its so good and so easy you will never want to spend money on prepared crusts again! Can you say food coma!?
hippie loaf via happy herbivore, pie crust via martha stewart

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