I've been gone but have a great reason!

Boy its been a while since a logged in to blog land. And for good reason, I had my baby!! Baby A came much earlier then we had expected at just 34 weeks old and after 20 hours of medication free labor and an emergency C-section I had my little girl. Born January 9th at 11:20 and weighing in at only 4 pounds 7 ounces. She is doing much better, being so early has lead to her spending her first bit of life in the NICU, a place I had never imagined I would be. It was tough to see my little one with tubes and IV lines but thankfully she is quite the show off and has done nothing but reach her growth goals. We are so thankful to all the amazing nurses giving her round the clock care and making her nice and strong to come home. She has finally passed her birth weight and is cooing like crazy...we even got to give her a bath last night. Lets just say her lungs had no problem developing! The husband and I cannot wait to have our little girl home with us very soon...hopefully within this next week if everything goes to plan.
We just had the baby shower over the weekend (we were all joking in the hospital that I would have to Skype in to my own party) and I am now stocked up on tons of baby goodies including  my old bassinet. My Mom kept it in amazing shape over the years and its surprisingly way more sturdy then the ones found in stores now. I love the lace details and can't wait to see the little one hanging out in my old digs. Below are just a few shots we took of her growing in the hospital; turns out we are already those parents that have way too many pictures of their baby...and she is only 13 days old!
photos by our designed life