Creating our own fun

Its been about a month now that the husband and I have gotten rid of cable and after a bit of grumpiness from lack of bad tv {its the best to craft by!} its finally started to become the normal to listen to hours and hours of music. Thank goodness for Spotify, You Tube and Pandora. Anyway, since we have had a bit of extra time on our hands we decided to pick up a new game and start creating our own fun.
Now that the husband has been getting more and more into comics it was only a matter of time before we made it into a more hardcore gaming store, you know, the ones that have Dungeons and dragons going on in the back...turns out there are several places in SF you can sit for hours and play with strangers. After clearly being spotted with the glazed over look from all the options we asked for help and ended up with Carcassonne, hunters and gathers. A total mind game, its perfect for the two of us to spend a little time together chatting away after dinner. Who knew you could create so much fun with a few pieces of colored wood and cardboard. I would totally recommend spending a little time with your special someone over something so silly as a board game.
image by our designed life

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