Create: my first necklace

Ok so it took me a while to get back to creating, turns out its a bit harder then I planned to get supplies and I've learned a list is my best friend. But anyway, wanted to share my 4th creative day challenge, a bright summer beaded necklace for less then $10. I had the sharpies on hand but bought chain, clasps and beads.. . and now have enough for at least a few fun creative days ahead.
To make these super simple necklaces, blend a few of your favorite colors on to the plain wooden bead. You can use either chain or fabric to string together, although I prefer the metal look. It was my very first go at jewelry making, I had to take a peek at my own jewelry collection to see how I should fasten everything but with the right tools and a little creativity I have myself a fun beaded chain that adds a splash of color to anything.
images by our designed life


Sammy said...

love this ! i knew there was a reason i stayed up til 2 am looking at craft gawker! what a wonderful tutorial. you have a new reader here ! heartandthrift.blogspot.com

Aurelas said...

This is just what I needed to see, and I found it by accident! My daughter was given a wooden bead necklace that is so plain she just won't wear it. This should be much easier for her to do than painting the beads!