Create: tiny packages

Sometimes I buy craft related items without a clue as to how I am going to use them, like these teeny tiny stamps I got for a whopping 99 cents. Figured they would come in handy one day and turns out they were perfect to personalize a bit of wrapping paper. I reused a jewelry box and tissue to create a one of a kind wrapping job. Throw in a bit of colored or patterned tape and you have yourself a fun gift giving experience without having to spend even more money on paper that will just be tossed anyway. What can I say, I was a child of the 'recycle, reduce and reuse' era. 
photo by our designed life
Creative challenge: No 1- making art, No 2 - hand painted flowers, No. 3- making space, No. 4- beaded necklace, No. 5- jazzing up ceramics, No. 6- creating fun, No. 7- lots of lines.

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christine said...

I love this!! And we definitely should recycle and reuse! I think I have two sets of those tiny alphabet stamps that are still in the back of my drawer. Great idea, Monica!