Create: A bit of warmth

My oh my it has been quite a week. Thanks to a fun round of GERD, I have been laid up in bed trying to keep anything down and this morning was the very first time I haven't woken up having to get sick. I know, gross right? So now that I am totally behind on my create project, I suppose I will have to play a mean game of catch up.

I believe I have mentioned this behemoth of a project before and well, I am still no closer to having it done I am afraid. Though I have huge plans for it {its going to sit on our queen sized bed so it needs to be huge!} it sure is taking me forever and a day. If only I could have had the strength to hold knitting needles this week I would have gotten so much done. Oh well. I suppose it is destined to be the forever project. Do you have anything that you are working on that is taking you a ridiculous amount of time to finish, or am I the only one?
images by our designed life

 Create challenge: No 1- making art, No 2 - hand painted flowers, No. 3- making space, No. 4- beaded necklace, No. 5- jazzing up ceramics, No. 6- creating fun, No. 7- lots of lines, No. 8- tiny packages No. 9-Girly clips

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